How to Style Thin, Fine Hair

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Styling fine hair can be difficult. It often looks limp, dull or lacking in fullness. But if you have thin hair, there is hope. Follow the steps below and learn how to create looks that will enhance your fine locks, add volume and even shine. With a little help and practice, you can style your hair in a way that will make even your thick-haired friends jealous.

Volumizing hair mousse
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How To Style Thin Fine Hair

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Use volumizing products. Ask you hairdresser for volumizing shampoo and conditioner, or purchase a less expensive brand at the drugstore. Find some volumizing spray, simply called volumizer, at the salon and drug store as well.

Enhance naturally wavy hair. After shampooing and conditioning with your volumizing products, let your hair air dry. Add a little mousse when it is still damp. As your hair is drying sporadically, let 2-inch sections fall into your palm and scrunch the hair upward toward the root. Next, add random curls with your curling iron, curling the hair in different directions all around your head. Loosen the curls by separating them with your fingers. Finish with a light touch of hairspray, and shine spray.

Create bounce by curling your naturally straight hair. After washing your hair with your volumizing shampoo and conditioner, towel dry your hair. Spray your entire head with your volumizer. Flip your hair upside-down, and blow-dry underneath first. Flip your head up again and blow-dry the rest of your hair, lifting the hair up at the roots with your fingers. Once dry, brush any knots smooth. Curl your hair in 2-inch sections in varying directions around your head. Separate the curls with your fingers to loosen. Finish with a light touch of hairspray and shine spray.

Add fullness to your straight look. Wash and condition your hair again with the volumizing products. Lightly spray with volumizer. Blow-dry by pulling 2-inch sections taut with a round brush from root to tip. Part your hair on either side. Tease the hair slightly at the crown, and spray lightly with hairspray. Gently tease any place you would like to add a little lift, being sure to brush the hair gently in place after teasing. Spray lightly with hairspray and shine spray. To finish the look, flip the front part of your hair to the opposite side.

Invest in hairpieces or extensions. Search through wig shops for quality hair extensions or purchase some online. Most pieces come in easy clip-on styles, from ponytails to random hairpieces to add fullness. A hair extension can be a fantastic way to add volume to fine hair. Whatever style you choose, be sure to practice these looks when you are not rushed to get ready for an event. You will get better at styling your thin hair overtime. Get ready to receive compliments on your luxurious locks.