How to Stretch Shoes Without a Shoe Stretcher

By Tabitha Harwell

The purchase of a new pair of shoes can only be ruined by one thing - once you get them home and on your feet they prove to be too tight. Do not take them back, especially if they were an amazing deal. Whether the shoe is fabric or leather, with a little wear the shoes will eventually stretch out a bit; however, you can stretch them out overnight using some water. Knowing this handy trick will help your shoes fit more comfortably more quickly.

Some shoes can be stretched up to a full size with ice.

Step 1

Spray the shoes with a waterproof sealant. The sealer will protect the shoe against water stains.

Step 2

Fill two storage size zip-top bags half way with water. Test the bags by holding them upside down to ensure that no water will leak out. Double bag if there is leakage.

Step 3

Insert the water filled bags into each of the front toe areas of the shoes. Shove the bag down deep so it extends through an open toe, or is as far down as possible for a closed toe.

Step 4

Place the shoes into the freezer in an upright position. Do not lay the shoes on their sides because this may cause the ice to freeze oddly and not complete the full stretch. Do not place the shoes on food, set them on a freezer shelf or drawer.

Step 5

Wait for the ice to freeze and expand. This may take several hours to complete. For best results, leave the shoes in the freezer overnight.

Step 6

Remove the shoes from the freezer, and remove the ice from the shoes. Use your hands to gently pull the shoe fabric upward to assist with additional stretching. Put the shoes on your feet and walk around until the shoes have warmed.