How to Store Red Wine

By LeafTV Editor

If red wine is not stored correctly, it loses its flavor over time. The proper storage of red wine is not difficult once you learn some basic rules. Storing red wine the proper way increases the value of the wine as it ages. Most modern red wines are not aged but when properly stored, maintain a fuller taste.

Wine bottles
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How To Store Red Wine


Place the wine in the right temperature. Store red wine in place with a cool temperature set between 53 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Store the red wine away from sunlight. Wine must not be exposed to direct sunlight. Instead, keep it in dark surroundings. An example of a good location is a place in a cellar or basement. Other possible locations are a blocked-off corner of a garage, a garden shed, a closed-off unused fireplace or a cupboard that is positioned against an outside wall. Keep in mind that temperatures often fluctuate in these areas. If you know it is going to be warm there, move the red wine to a cooler location.

Lay the bottles on their sides. The corks in wine bottles are designed to stay moist so they remain airtight. If a cork looses its moisture it crumbles when a cork screw is used to remove it. Crumbled cork in the wine ruins the entire bottle.

Leave the wine in its storage place and try not to move it. Moving the wine as little as possible keeps it in good condition.


  • If you have a large collection and do not have a place to store it, many storage companies offer storage areas specifically for wine.