How to Store Popcorn

By Kathryn Hatter

A tasty and nutritious snack, popcorn stores well, which makes it a good item to have on hand for when the munchies strike. It's important to maintain the proper moisture content of the kernels, or they may not pop properly. If you purchase already popped popcorn, or you pop a large amount and have some left over, you must store it properly to keep it from becoming stale. Following a few simple pointers will keep your supply fresh and ready to enjoy.

Popcorn kernels
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Storing Popcorn Kernels (Unpopped)

Step 1

Pour the popcorn kernels into a glass or plastic container or seal-top plastic bag.

Step 2

Cover the container tightly or seal the plastic bag after removing as much air as possible.

Step 3

Place the sealed container or plastic bag in a cool, dry cabinet or on a shelf.

Step 4

Use the popcorn kernels within two years.

Storing Popped Popcorn

Step 5

Seal the bag completely if you have already opened it, or place the popped popcorn into an airtight container for best results. If you haven't opened the bag of popped popcorn yet, store as-is.

Step 6

Place the sealed bag or container in a cool, dry storage location (such as in a cabinet or on a shelf).

Step 7

Store popped popcorn that you have already opened for one to two weeks. Keep unopened popped popcorn for two to three months.