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High in antioxidants and rich in flavor, beets are an excellent source of nutrition. Beets are usually sold in grocery stores after being washed with leafy greens still attached to the beet root. To ensure the maximum shelf life of your fresh beets, you need to ensure they are stored under the proper conditions. If properly stored, your store-bought, fresh beets will keep for between two and three weeks.

Trim the leafy green tops from the beets.

Store the root separately from the beet greens in separate plastic bags as the greens are more prone to spoilage than the root. Press excess air from the plastic bags, as this will limit the formation of condensation that can cause sogginess or rot. Cut small openings in the bag to further limit water accumulation.

Place the beets in a refrigerator. Either the crisper drawer or a shelf will be fine.

Avoid washing the beets prior to storage in the fridge. Instead, wash just before cooking.

Consume beet root within two to three weeks of purchase, and greens within 2 days of purchase.


Avoid beets with bruises or soft patches, which may have shorter shelf life due to spoilage. Beets with a dried-out appearance should also be avoided, as they will be tough and chewy.

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