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Food-grade hydrogen peroxide must be stored in proper conditions to reduce breakdown of the solution. Some people supplement their diet with food-grade hydrogen peroxide for various illnesses like cancer, although it is not recommended by the FDA and could be fatal if too much is ingested. Anyone interested in supplementing with food-grade hydrogen peroxide should seek the advice of their medical doctor first.

Keep away from light. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide will break down at a much slower rate when it is kept away from light.

Keep away from contaminants. When exposed to contaminants, food-grade hydrogen peroxide will break down much faster. That is why it is recommended not to introduce anything into the hydrogen peroxide solution that could contaminate it, not even a spoon. The liquid should be poured into a spoon rather than the spoon placed in the liquid.

Store in the freezer for slower breakdown. When stored in the freezer, food-grade hydrogen peroxide will break down at a very slow pace. It will not freeze in a regular freezer because its freezing temperature is negative 2 degrees Celsius.

Keep in a dry place. Hydrogen peroxide is very stable and will break down slowly when kept in a dry location that is not humid.

Use a labeled container that has a tight seal. Always store the food-grade hydrogen peroxide in a labeled container to eliminate any confusion. A tight seal or lid is also necessary to ensure it is not exposed to air and that children would have difficulty opening it.


  • Seek medical advice before supplementing your diet with food-grade hydrogen peroxide.