How to Store Flour and Sugar for Long Periods of Time

From baking to thickening sauces to breading fried chicken, flour is a key ingredient that most people like to keep handy. Same with sugar—it plays multiple roles, including sweetening baked goods and morning coffee. To keep these pantry staples always stocked, it's great to buy them in bulk. Here's the proper way to store flour and sugar long term.

How to Store Flour in the Freezer

Pack flour in an airtight, moisture-proof, freezer container with a secure lid.

Label the container with the ingredients and the date purchased.

Place the container in the freezer. Flour will keep several years when stored in the freezer at approximately 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Store Flour in the Pantry

Put flour in an airtight, vapor-proof container to prevent the absorption of odors.

Label the container with the ingredients and the date purchased.

Store in a cool, dry, dark location, off the floor and away from materials with strong odors like soap, chemicals or onions. Flour will keep for about 6 to 8 months when stored this way.

How to Store Sugar

Pour the sugar into an opaque, airtight container that's moisture- and odor-proof. (Glass jars with lids make ideal storage containers.)

Store the container in a dry, cool location off the ground. Keep away from other foods or products with strong odors.


Do not store the sugar in the refrigerator or freezer; the moisture hardens sugar and makes it lumpy.