How to Store Cooked Polenta

By Christina Martinez

Polenta is the Italian version of Southern grits. The dish is basic and made with cornmeal, water or milk and salt. Once cooked, use polenta as a simple side dish or add other ingredients to make it a main course. Serve polenta right away if you want it to be creamy. For a firmer polenta, let it set and cool until you are able to slice it. Store cooked polenta in the refrigerator where it will stiffen up.

Use polenta as a side dish.

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Step 1

Spread homemade polenta into a flat airtight container or shallow baking dish with sides. This will allow you to slice or remove the polenta easily when you take it out of storage.

Step 2

Put plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or lid for the airtight container onto the chosen dish.

Step 3

Place the polenta into the refrigerator and store it for several days.

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Step 4

Stack the cooked slices of polenta loosely into an airtight container.

Step 5

Place the container into the refrigerator.

Step 6

Store for a several days in the refrigerator.