By LeafTV Contributor

Fresh spinach is abundant in warm weather, and many farmers market vendors offer it in large quantities for an economical price. Steaming is a very easy way to cook spinach. The only things needed are a large pot and a bit of water. Cooked spinach can be eaten as preferred, such as drizzled with butter or olive oil.

credit: Mark May
Steamed spinach makes a healthy side dish.

Wash the spinach in running tap water thoroughly. Spinach is often grown in sand, which can get into the wrinkles of the leaves. Pull off any woody stems.

Select a deep pot with a lid, and put the cleaned spinach in it. The pot should be large enough to accommodate the spinach without overcrowding or crushing it.

Add only about 2 tablespoons of water to the bottom of the pot. There will also be water droplets on the spinach.

Put the pot over a low heat so the spinach will cook gently. This should take about five minutes. The spinach is finished cooking when it is bright green and limp.

Drain the cooked spinach in a colander to remove excess water.