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Though most people eat avocados raw, steamed avocados are a common ingredient in facial masks and baby food. During the steaming process, the heat from boiling water becomes steam and passes through a food in order to cook it. Compared to other methods of cooking, steaming requires less added ingredients. Unlike stir-frying or grilling, you need no oil or seasoning to steam. However, you can add seasoning before you cook the avocados if necessary.

Fill a large pot with several cups of water. Turn the stove on and cover the pot. Allow the water to heat for a few minutes.

Remove the lid from the pot and place a steamer in the pot.

Place the avocado or avocados in the steamer. If desired, cut the avocado into quarters or remove the skin before steaming. If you remove the skin, the avocado will grow mushy and may stick to the steamer.

Replace the lid and allow the avocado to steam for three to five minutes. Shave a minute or two off the time if you cut the fruit into chunks.

Steam the avocado in the microwave if you do not have a steamer or stove. Place the avocado in a microwave-safe bowl and fill the bowl with about 1/4 cup water. Pull microwave-safe plastic wrap over the bowl but leave the plastic wrap off one corner of the bowl. Cook the avocado for about three minutes.

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