Body and skin care spa cosmetics jars, branding mock-up

Starting a skin care line can be a rewarding business for those who enjoy working with other people. If you have experience in customer service, have worked in the beauty industry or want to start a business that relies mostly on referrals from satisfied customers, a skin care line is a good choice. With hard work and dedication to your product line, your business can be a successful one.

How to Start Your Own Skin Care Line

Research current trends in skin care. For example, there are many skin care products that include only natural ingredients. Other products focus on anti-aging, teen skin care or adult acne. You can find information online, in fashion magazines, academic journals or by talking with cosmetologists in your area.

Educate yourself in the making of skin care products if you aren't already familiar. Those who have a background in cosmetology are well suited for this type of business. Take a cosmetology course at a vocational school or college to learn more about the beauty industry and Federal Drug Administration (FDA) standards all beauty products must adhere to. Other courses to consider taking before launching a skin care line include: -Business management GO -Bookkeeping GO -Sales and marketing; and -Finance.

Choose one or two products such as soap, cleanser or moisturizer when starting your skin care line. These products are popular and are a good way to introduce your line to new customers. Contact a commercial cosmetics company that specializes in creating skin care products for small businesses. Tell it which ingredients to add and it will create the product for you. You can also mix your own ingredients if you have the expertise.

Create a business name and company logo to use on packaging materials. Contact a cosmetic packaging company to help design the bottles and other materials needed for shipping and distribution.

Create marketing materials including business cards, brochures and fliers to help promote your skin care line. If you want to sell your products online, create a website that highlights products and ordering information.

Conduct personal consultations with local clients to develop and maintain long-term relationships. Contact local spas, salons and other businesses and ask if you can perform on-site consultations with their customers.


  • If you want to work for yourself but don't want to create your own skin care line, you can sell skin care products from established companies.