By Christina Schnell

Robin's Jeans, named after founder and designer Robin Chretien, are luxury jeans adorned with embellishments and embroidery in the most fashionable rinses available. Only high-end department stores and specialty boutiques sell these couture duds, which explains the standard price of $280 and why legitimate distributors don't sell Robin's Jeans online. As with many expensive, designer items, counterfeit Robin's Jeans are easier to find than the authentic version. The differences between the two isn't always obvious to the naked eye, but closer inspection reveals discrepancies in the stitching, embellishment and materials.

Make sure your Robin's Jeans are the real deal.

Step 1

Examine the symmetry. Everything from the spread-wing logo to the embellished belt loops is symmetric on a pair of real Robin's Jeans. Replica pairs are made in-mass and without the same individual attention. This hurried production results in uneven studding patterns or slightly off-center embellishments.

Step 2

Open and close the zipper and pocket snaps. Real Robin's Jeans zip smoothly and securely, without any superfluous space or fabric at the end of the zipper trail. Snaps close quietly and remain secure without any rattling or jiggling noises.

Step 3

Examine the thread color. The stitching of authentic Robin's Jeans should match the denim exactly, unless the design purposefully uses contrast stitching. Gold stitching and embellishments, such as the spread wings, must have an obvious metallic hue, not just flat gold-colored thread.

Step 4

Look at the tag. The brand tag on a pair of authentic Robin's Jeans connects to the belt loop via a rope-braided, mustard-colored thread and a brown tag reading "Robin's Jeans." Tags of any other variety are suspect.