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A pipe cleaner may not be the first tool that comes to mind when you want to create spiral curls for a romantic hairstyle, but it does the trick. Pipe cleaners are long, thin pieces of covered metal that bend easily. In addition to cleaning pipes, they are often used in arts and crafts. Using pipe cleaners to create spiral curls is an effective way to style your hair without heat.

Shampoo and condition your hair using your favorite products and towel dry.

Add a few dollops of setting lotion or anti-frizz serum to the roots of your hair, and smooth it down to the ends. This makes your hair manageable and allows the curls to last longer.

Part a small to medium-size section of hair in the back of your head, near your nape. Clip the remaining hair up and out of the way. It is best to work from the back of your head up, rather than the top of the head down, as the pipe cleaners are long and can get into the way.

Place the pipe cleaner behind the section of hair. Wrap the tips of the hair around the pipe cleaner approximately 3 centimeters from the end.

Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner in the same manner that you would a hair roller, until all the hair is wrapped around it.

Fold both ends of the pipe cleaner backwards to clamp in place and prevent the hair from unraveling. Repeat this procedure to roll the rest of your hair.

Allow your hair to air dry or if you are in a hurry, sit underneath a hair dryer for approximately 20 minutes. However, if you choose to use heat to dry your hair, spritz heat protectant over your entire head. The metal in pipe cleaners can get very hot.

Remove the pipe cleaners and finger through your spiral curls to achieve a romantic hairstyle.

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