How to Soften Dry Baguettes

By Allison Boelcke

A baguette (also known as French bread) is a long, thin type of bread that is soft and chewy when it is freshly baked. Once it sits out for even a day or two, it can become dried out. Even though it may be dried out, it is still edible if is has no visible mold. Fortunately, you can soften your baguette by using the proper warming technique.


Remove your dry baguette from any bag or other storage container. Transfer the baguette into a brown paper sack that is large enough to cover the entire loaf with room to spare.

Preheat your oven to 300 degrees F. Dampen a paper towel with warm water, then wring it out to remove any excess water.

Fold or crumple the brown paper sack so it is completely closed. Wipe the dampened paper towel across the entire top surface of the paper sack—this will help make the bread more moist as it bakes.

Place the paper sack onto a baking sheet. Bake the paper sack with the baguette for approximately three to seven minutes or until the baguette is softened.

Discard the brown paper sack. Consume the softened baguette immediately or it will begin to dry out again.