How to Soften Almond Paste

By Sarah Davis

IAlmond paste is a common ingredient in cakes, tart, cookies and various desserts, but it is rare to need the entire can or container. The ideal texture of almond paste for use in recipes is firm, but pliable, similar to a dough. When you have finished using almond paste wrap it tightly and freeze it to keep it from drying out before the next use.

Almond paste is a common ingredient in cookies and cakes because it gives them a smooth and creamy mouthfeel while adding almond flavor.

Step 1

Place the almond paste in the casserole dish with the water and place the lid on the dish.

Step 2

Put the casserole dish in the microwave for three minutes on low heat. Remove the casserole dish and test the almond paste texture. If it cracks when you press on the paste, add another teaspoon of water and break it up a little with a fork by pressing the back of a fork into the paste. Place it back in the microwave for three minutes. Continue to heat the paste in three-minute intervals until it is soft.

Step 3

Remove the almond paste from the microwave, open the lid and lightly knead the paste to incorporate any excess water drops and to work out any surface drying that occurred from microwaving.