How to Soak Gummy Worms in Vodka

By LeafTV Editor

If you have extra vodka lying around that you want to use up in a creative way, try soaking fruity gummy worms in it, for a fun and delicious twist on a classic candy. The alcohol adds grown-up appeal to a children's favorite.


Empty the bag of gummy worms into the glass bowl. Separate and layer the worms so they are spaced out. This will give the worms more room to soak up the vodka. Do not overfill the bowl: you need to allow for the space that the vodka will take up.

Pour the vodka into the dish of gummy worms. Allow the vodka to coat all of the worms. For a stronger vodka taste, fill the entire bowl up with vodka. For a weaker vodka taste, just fill the bowl to cover the gummy worms (the worms will absorb whatever amount of vodka you put in). Use tongs to mix the gummy worms and vodka, allowing each worm to be evenly covered in vodka.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, ensuring that the plastic wrap does not touch the vodka. Secure the plastic wrap with a rubber band around the bowl. Place the bowl in the refrigerator for five days, to allow the marinating process to complete.

Remove the bowl from the refrigerator after five days, and remove the plastic wrap. The gummy worms are ready to be consumed when they have swollen to a larger size. Remove the gummy worms from the bowl, and place them on a plate for serving.