How to Snip Skin Tags

By Johnathan Cronk

A skin tag (medically known as acrochordon) is a small benign tumor that usually forms in skin creases, such as the neck or armpit. Skin tags are most common on the face, eyelids and neck area. Skin tags are harmless and painless; they do not grow any bigger than they appear. However, skin tags can be unsightly and annoying. Heath insurance companies do not cover removal of skin tags unless they are found in the groin area and are large. For this reason, many people snip their skin tags in the comfort of their own home.

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How to Snip Skin Tags

Step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly. Disinfect the scissors and tweezers by taking a small bowl and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Place the scissors and tweezers in the bowl and let them soak for three minutes. Disinfect the skin using the cotton ball to generously apply the rubbing alcohol to the skin tag.

Step 2

Snipping the skin tag does not normally cause pain, but as a precaution, numb the skin tag and area surrounding the skin tag using an ice cube. Press the ice cube to the skin for approximately one minute.

Step 3

With clean hands, take the disinfected tweezers and pull the skin tag gently so you will be able to see where to snip. Using your other hand, take the scissors and snip the skin tag as close to the base of the tag as possible at the thinnest part of the tag.

Step 4

Once the skin tag has been snipped, there will be a little bleeding. Apply pressure to the area using a sterile gauze pad to stop the bleeding. Hold the gauze there for about one minute.

Step 5

Apply an antibiotic cream to the area the skin tag once was and the surrounding area to ensure an infection does not occur. Cover the area with a bandage if desired.