Usually you try to avoid shrinking clothes, but occasionally, you may need a garment to be a bit smaller than its usual size. To shrink the item, do the opposite of what the care label on the inside calls for. Cotton, denim and polyester are the best candidates for shrinkage, and it will help if the item has not been preshrunk. Remember that in general you cannot control how much the item will shrink, so proceed with caution.

How to Shrink Clothes Easily

Wash the item in hot water. In the case of dark blue denim, add a cup of white vinegar to the cycle to prevent fading.

Run the item in the dryer on the highest setting. Check on the item in 15-minute intervals to see whether it has shrunk to the size you want. If not, continue the cycle.

Alternatively, set the item out to dry in the hot sun.

Iron the item on a hot setting.

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