How to Ship Wine via FedEx

By Chelsea Day

There are many occasions when customers may want a company to ship wine. Wine makes a great gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. Visitors to wineries often want to share a great local wine with out-of-town friends and family. Shipping wine requires some forethought to ensure that you package the wine correctly and that state laws in the originating and destination states don't restrict the shipment of wine. FedEx can ensure that your wine reaches its destination with care.

Ship Wine via FedEx

Step 1

If you intend to sell wine and ship it as a company, you will need to fill out a Wine Shippers Agreement by contacting a FedEx representative at FedEx offices or by calling 1.800.463.3339.

Step 2

While many state laws prohibit individuals from shipping wine but allow companies to ship wine, shipping wine as a company can still be a bit confusing with the variances in state laws. Some states have limits about how much wine can be shipped at once and how much wine can be shipped to an individual annually. To determine the laws and penalties for the state you wish to ship to, Google "Wine shipping laws" followed by the state you wish to ship to (for example, "wine shipping laws Missouri").

Step 3

Package the wine. FedEx will give you instructions about packaging that you need to use. Companies need to use molded foam or corrugated packaging. Affix the Alcohol Shipping Label, which is available on the FedEx website.

Step 4

Ship the package. Fill out a shipment form online or in a FedEx shipping center. For online shipments, place the reference "$AW" in the Your Reference field to indicate that you are shipping wine. Wine must be shipped to an adult, so make sure to include the Adult Signature Service. Drop the package off at a FedEx shipping location or arrange pickup.