buckle image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.com

Whether your belt buckle is gold, silver or brass, care for it and keep it shining with regular polishing. No matter the metal, the polishing process is the same. However, it is important to know what exactly you are polishing. If your belt buckle is made of an alloy (mixed) metal, the tarnish you are polishing may in fact be permanent characteristics of the metal. For pure metal belt buckles, however, regular polishing is a must.

Tips for a Shiny Belt Buckle

Choose a quality polish. Instant liquids seem convenient but are harsh on metal finishes. Find a polish that is specific to the metal of your buckle. With options in liquid, sprays, paste and even on cloths, it only takes a bit of research to find the one that suits your preference.

Sit in a comfortable spot with a towel on your lap, to catch excess polish. Dab or spray polish on the polish cloth or rag. If using a liquid, start with a little and add polish as needed. You don't want to drown the buckle in expensive quality polish when a dab will do.

Use the rag or polish cloth to massage polish into the buckle. Be sure to work the cleaning agent into each nook and cranny of the design for real shine. This can be a trying process especially with ornate designs, but when done correctly, it will keep your buckle looking new. Leave yourself plenty of time to make sure you do it right.

Wipe off excess polish and buff the belt buckle with a clean rag or polish cloth. Work the cloth in small, tight circles to cover the entire buckle. When it shines, you will know you've done your job right.

Store the buckle in a safe place to avoid scratches or other damages when not in use. Also put your polishing materials in a safe place, ready for the next polishing session.