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Shaving numbers, logos, words or symbols in your hair demonstrates commitment to your favorite cause. Putting numbers in your hair shows support for your favorite sports player or team. Successfully shaving numbers in your hair requires precision and attention to detail. Having a friend help you complete this task will yield better results as it is difficult to hold a mirror, see clearly, have a steady hand and shave the back of your head all at the same time.

Measure the area on your head where the numbers will be shaved with a ruler. The dimensions are important for drawing the numbers to scale. Write on a piece of paper the size that you just measured as this is the space you have to draw the numbers.

Draw the numbers on the paper in a block style used on athletic jerseys. Fill the area you sectioned off on the paper. The numbers should be about 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide and 3 to 4 inches tall depending on the size of your head. Use a ruler to keep the lines straight.

Cut out the numbers with scissors. This is will be your guide. Cut out the centers of the numbers zero, four, six, eight and nine so you do not shave those parts.

Hold the numbers up to your head and use a dry erase marker to trace around them, creating an outline on your head. The dry erase marker will wash off when you are done. Assess the placement and size of the numbers by looking in a mirror. Make any changes, such as moving the numbers higher or lower, as necessary.

Turn the clippers at an angle and shave inside the outline. Shave smaller areas using the edge of the clippers and do not hold them flat. Shave slowly and with precision.

Brush stray hairs away. Clean up any edges that are not even.


Go to your barber if you are unsure how to do this the first time. You can also print the numbers from a computer instead of drawing them.