How to Shape Cookies Without a Cookie Cutter

By LeafTV Editor

Rolling out dough, cutting them with a cookie cutter and transferring the cookies to a cookie sheet is time-consuming. Here is another way to get uniform, round cookies with less effort.

Pattern of sweet cookies on pink background
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How To Shape Cookies Without A Cookie Cutter


Mix the cookie dough following your recipe.

Use a spoon to remove small hunks of cookie dough from the mixing bowl.

Remove the dough from the spoon using your hands and roll it into a 1-inch-diameter ball.

Place these balls methodically on the cookie sheet. Leave room around each one so that they are not touching.

Tear a piece of wax paper that is the size of your cookie sheet and lay it over the balls of cookie dough.

Press a glass with a flat bottom over each ball to flatten the dough.


  • If you have trouble with the cookie dough sticking on a spoon, dip the spoon in milk first.

  • Add or remove dough to the balls so that they all come out approximately 1 inch in diameter after rolling.