How to Serve Brie En Croute

By Morgan O'Connor

Brie is one of the classic French cheeses. This rich, creamy, soft cheese is made from cow's milk and contains approximately 45 percent fat. While Brie is perhaps most commonly served plain at room temperature, it can also feature in complex and interesting recipes. Brie en Croute – meaning "Brie in a crust" – refers to an entire wheel of Brie wrapped in puff pastry then baked until the Brie is completely melted.


Serving Brie en Croute

Step 1

Place your cooked Brie en Croute onto a flat decorative plate or a cheese board as soon as it comes out of the oven. If you use a plate, find one with the flattest edges possible; raised sides will make it difficult for your guests to successfully slice the Brie en Croute.

Step 2

Put the cheese knife on the plate or cheese board beside the Brie en Croute.

Step 3

Provide a selection of baguette slices, crackers or both. Your guests will appreciate having something on which to spread the warm, runny cheese.

Step 4

Serve a small dish of fruit coulis beside the brie with a small spoon to allow your guests to scoop fruit coulis onto their brie-topped crackers or bread. Raspberry coulis works especially well with Brie.

Step 5

Provide a selection of fresh fruits beside the Brie en Coute. The lightness of fresh fruit will work well to balance out the heavy richness of the cheese. Apple slices coated lightly with lemon juice( to prevent brownness) and green grapes work especially well.