How to Send Wine From Australia to the USA

By LeafTV Editor

Australian wine has grown in popularity over the past several years. When Australian wine first appeared on the market, wine advocates from around the world laughed at the idea, but the wineries have since earned respect on the international stage. If you visit Australia and want to send wine back to the states, however, there are a few rules and tips you need to know.

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How To Send Wine From Australia To The Usa


Check to see what the wine shipping regulations are for the state to which you are mailing wine. Alabama, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Utah, New Jersey and Mississippi are among the states that have a ban on wine shipping from out of state.

Package your wine in a box and secure it with bubble wrap and other packing materials. It will be a long journey for the wine, and you want to make sure it is kept safe. The more padding and precautions you take, the better.

Find a postal service, such as UPS or FedEx, to ship your wine. The shipping will be rather expensive because wine can be heavy, and you will be paying international rates. Do not send it through the mail because alcohol shipments are prohibited by the U.S. Postal Service.

Fill out the shipping information. You may be asked to show your passport.


  • If you are mailing the wine to a family member or yourself, anyone at the address can sign for it. If you contacted the winery in Australia and are having them ship it out, you will need to be present to sign for it.


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