How to Select Shoes to Wear With Khaki Pants. Khakis are the ultimate casual outfit staple. Pair them with loafers for business casual, or with canvas sneakers for running errands.

Wear loafers with your khakis when the occasion is business casual. A rich brown shoe is a stylish contrast for most outfits. Choose black when wearing a black top and belt.

Men: Consider saddle shoes, the sueded oxford, as another business casual option, or for a casual evening out with friends. Match the color of your socks to that of your shoes.

Women: Pair straight-leg pants with low-heeled slide sandals. Wear chunkier shoes, such as clogs, with wider-leg pants. Avoid pumps and strappy sandals, as they're too dressy for these pants.

Dress your outfit down with a pair of canvas sneakers. Navy is the most popular dark basic, while white and ivory are popular light colors.

Forgo socks or hose with khakis. Bare ankles have become a popular accessory of many khaki wearers. When socks are a must, choose lightweight blends that complement the color of your top.


When your leather shoes get caught in the rain or land in a puddle, blot the excess moisture and air-dry them. Avoid drying them with any heat sources, as this will parch the leather and damage the shoes.


Check with the manufacturer before throwing your sneakers into the washing machine. The ink from a label or trim may bleed into the body of the shoe.