Cake toppers can consist of fresh flowers, candles or intricate ornaments. Lightweight cake toppers can be placed gently onto the cake or pushed into the top tier without fear of damage. Larger or heavier cake toppers require proper support and preparation to prevent the ornament from sinking into the cake or toppling over.

Select a cake board approximately the same size as the base of the cake topper. Press this cake board gently into the center of the cake where the cake topper will be located. Remove the cake board.

Insert four dowels, evenly spaced, inside the the impression created by the cake board. Push them in until they are flush with the top of the cake.

Place the cake board on top of the dowels. Apply a small dab of frosting to the center of the cake board.

Place the cake topper onto the cake board. The dowels will provide support for the cake topper and prevent it from sinking into the cake while the frosting will dry and help hold the topper in place.


  • Some cake toppers have prongs on the bottom. These should be pushed directly into the cake without a cake board.