Did you ever want to save some soda to drink later, but not want it to lose its fizz? Or did you want to surprise a friend by having her drink orange soda out of her cola can? Resealing a soda can that has been opened is a simple skill that you can perfect. You don't need any special tools, and with care and attention, you can reseal a soda can within a minute.

Hold the top of the can, so the tab is pointing straight up, as toward "12" on a clock face. Move the tab to what would be the "5" position on the clock face.

Pull the tab up, slowly and gently. Be careful not to detach the tab from the can. Continue to pull the tab up into the original position that it held when the can was sealed, so the small piece inside surfaces and closes the can.

Use your fingers to seal the space between the inner piece and the rest of the can top. You have resealed your aluminum can.

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Tricia Lobo

Tricia Lobo has been writing since 2006. Her biomedical engineering research, "Biocompatible and pH sensitive PLGA encapsulated MnO nanocrystals for molecular and cellular MRI," was accepted in 2010 for publication in the journal "Nanoletters." Lobo earned her Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering, with distinction, from Yale in 2010.