By Zora Hughes

Puff pastry is a French invention, created by a pastry chef in 1645, and is made by layering thin pastry dough and butter to form a dough that puffs up into a very flaky, buttery pastry. The soft, warm and flaky layers of puff pastry are commonly used in sweet and savory pastry dishes. When using puff pastry to make a dessert such a fruit tart, the recipe may call for the pastry to be scored, which adds a decorative touch and also allows steam to release while baking.

Puff pastry filled with fruits may sometimes escape through the scored lines.

Step 1

Place the knife in one area of the pastry where you want to score or where the recipe indicates for you to score.

Step 2

Press the knife into the pastry to make a shallow slit. Cut into the pastry until you reach the fruit, meat or cheese inside, but not any further.

Step 3

Drag the knife across the pastry to make a long or short slit depending on what you are making. Continue preparing the pastry dish according to your recipe.