How to Run a Wine Tasting Room

By LeafTV Editor

How to Run a Wine Tasting Room. A wine is as unique and individual as the area in which it's made, and there's a special story inside each bottle. A wine tasting room is where you can find out all those special stories. First and foremost, however, you need to run a tasting room properly by following some important guidelines.

Step 1

Set up the pouring station. Use either a bar-type arrangement or a few tables to be your main staging area.

Step 2

Use small refrigerators behind the bar or coolers--concealed under tables--to keep your wine bottles chilled.

Step 3

Assign someone to greet guests as they enter the doorway to your event. Whether they are customers or guests at a fundraiser or party, it's important to give your visitors a warm welcome. The greeter will direct visitors to the tasting room and help them find any other activities happening at the location.

Step 4

Enlist the help of tasting room staff members who are knowledgeable and engaging. Have at least two wine specialists available to run the tables or bar area, making sure they are well versed in the winemaking process and details about each type of wine. You can find an expert wine consultant who can help you hire personnel at (see Resources below).

Step 5

Keep the wine tasting area well stocked with a mixture of different types of wines. To give tasters an appropriate selection, offer a Riesling, a deep like a Merlot and an assortment of seasonal bottles. You can purchase a unique assortment of wine at (see Resources below).

Step 6

Create a one-page wine menu. Include details about the wines available for tasting and a line or two explaining what is unique about each wine, such as its aroma and blend of grapes.

Step 7

Set out your wine glasses. Have several stemmed glasses on the bar area and more nearby on glass racks. You can fill them when people arrive, and have extras on-hand, so you won't run out of clean glasses.

Step 8

Provide small tables and chairs for guests. Arrange several small tables around the room, each with certain wines and complimentary cheeses, allowing people to sit and enjoy their favorite wine choices.