Black men tend to have razor bump problems because the body hair naturally curves back and re-enters the skin. This increases the chance that bacteria and fungus will grow on those now ingrown hairs. They will sit beneath the skin and cause more bumps and infections. A proper shaving technique can help reduce or eliminate the problem.

Things You'll Need

Cut the number of shaves down to three or four times a week. This will give the skin time to heal from the last shave and won’t force some of the slow-growing hairs back into the skin.

Use a sharp razor blade at all times. Dull blades mean the area has to be shaved several times, which increases the chances of irritation.

Splash your face with warm water before applying shave cream. Let the shave cream sit for a minute or two before shaving.

Shave in the direction of the hair growth without pulling the skin tight. Shave slowly to avoid cuts, nicks and irritating existing bumps.

Moisturize during the shave or right afterward. The skin is put under stress during a shave, and a thin layer of it is removed. Any kind of moisturizer will help the remaining skin heal. Fast-healing skin is less likely to take on bumps.

Splash cold water on your face after the shave to close the pores.