Once you've paired your wine with your food and poured a glass, you may wonder how to store the rest of the bottle. You don't have to drink it all right away; you can replace the cork and properly store the wine to keep it fresh until the next time you imbibe. Once re-corked, the wine will keep for up to three days. Both synthetic and wood corks can be replaced as long as the cork wasn't damaged or fully punctured upon opening.

Place the end of the original cork or a rubber cork into the top of the bottle. Use a rubber replacement cork if possible, especially if the original cork was completely punctured or otherwise damaged.

Twist the cork and firmly press it into the bottle opening.

Push the cork into the bottle as far as it will go. If you are using the original cork, you probably won't be able to push it all the way back inside, which is OK as long as the bottle is sealed.