How to Repair Sagging Skin

By Judith Green

Sagging skin is often the result of aging and low collagen levels. While some choose a face lift for their sagging skin, others get results without surgery. According to, topical treatments can help restore your skin. You can repair your sagging skin by regularly exfoliating and using agents like collagen, hydroxy acids and copper peptides. Vitamin C and sulphur supplements also can help sagging skin heal and tighten. offers several products for sagging skin.

Sagging skin

Step 1

Take one gram each of vitamin C and the nutritional sulfur supplement MSM (methlsufonylmethone) daily.

Step 2

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

Step 3

Apply Exfol Serum, an exfoliant, to your face and neck to rid the skin of dead cells. Dilute with few drops of water if it's too strong.

Step 4

Massage your face and neck with Emu Oil-S, an oil that contains antioxidants found in the human blood that reduce immflation.

Step 5

Apply two or three drops of CP Serum, which contains copper peptides, to your face and neck. Copper peptides help renew your skin while they give it a healthy glow. If the serum is too strong, add a few drops of water to it.