Healthy Homemade Carrot Cake

If you have ever baked a cake for a special occasion and had it turn out lop-sided, you will need to make note of these tips. An uneven cake layer can ruin a dessert and make you have to start over from square one. Ideally, if both layers were uneven to the same angle, you could put them on top of one another and have a finished product that is square.

Prepare the cake mix and pour it into the cake pans. Put the cake pans into the oven at the temperature required on the recipe. Be sure the pans are located in the middle of the oven rack and that the batter spreads evenly. Bake according to instructions.

Take the layers out of the oven. This is when you will notice if they have cooked evenly.

Put the cake layers side by side on the cabinet to decide if they are uneven by the same degree. If so, you can turn them upside down and put one on top of the other to make the cake flat where the layers meet.

Cut off the part that is higher with a long-bladed knife. Then, turn both layers upside down, putting the bottoms together. If the leveling with a knife works, you should have a flat cake top to work with.

Fill any uneven dips in the cake layer with extra frosting to make the cake layer.

Frost as desired and decorate until your heart's content.


  • The reason the cake layers are uneven may be that your oven is not level. Unfortunately, it is not always something that you can correct, so you are often stuck it.

  • When shearing off just a little of the top of a cake layer to make it level, try using dental floss. It works like magic.