Fresh strawberry pie or cheesecake?  Yes please! There are people who can’t eat either of them because of the tiny seeds on the outside. There is a way to remove those seeds so that fresh strawberry pie or cheesecake can be eaten by everyone.

Things You'll Need

Learning to Peel Strawberries

Wash the strawberries before you start, but not before. A strawberry washed a day or two ahead of the time it is used will start to rot quickly.

Remove the green cap from the berry.

Take the paring knife, and gently start to cut away the outside of the berry. Strawberries are soft and tender, so hold them lightly.

Put the peeled berry in a bowl, and when all are done, use the same way as if you had unpeeled berries.


  • Use fresh, aromatic berries for this. Once they are picked, strawberries stop ripening,