Permanent hair dye can be a pain to get out should you decide you are unhappy with your new color, as permanent hair dye is not meant to wash out or gradually fade like most semi-permanent or temporary dyes. One way to go about removing hair dye from your hair at home is by shampooing your hair with laundry detergent while taking a shower. This method must be carried out carefully, as laundry detergent is incredibly strong and can damage your hair.

Things You'll Need

Wet your hair with warm water while in the shower.

Dispense a small amount of laundry detergent into your hand.

Lather the laundry detergent into your hair, making sure to cover all of your hair with the detergent.

Rinse the detergent from your hair.

Remove excess water from your hair with a towel.

Check your mirror to see if you have achieved the desired effect.

Repeat if necessary, but do not leave the detergent on too long. If the permanent hair dye is too strong and does not fade at all, consult a hairdresser and do not repeat.

Follow up with a leave-in conditioner to soothe your hair from the harsh detergent treatment.


  • Make sure not to choose a detergent that contains bleach.

  • You may need to perform this process several times to fully remove hair dye.

  • You can also use detergent to remove dye stains from skin or objects.

  • Liquid detergent is much easier to use for this process than a powder detergent.