How to Remove Nicotine Stains From Lips. If you smoke a pipe or indulge in hand-rolled cigarettes, you most likely suffer from tobacco stained lips. The oily liquid released from tobacco easily penetrates into the layers of the skin, leaving an unsightly yellow stain. While the only sure fire way to remove those pesky stains for good is to quit smoking, you can reduce the appearance of nicotine stains on your lips with just a few simple tips.

Drink plenty of water everyday. When your skin is nourished with enough fluids, it will resist the penetration of nicotine oils and help you to eliminate nicotine stains faster.

Apply petroleum jelly to your lips before smoking to create a protective layer between the tobacco oils and your skin. You may use any form of petroleum jelly-based lip balm or plain petroleum jelly. Using petroleum jelly regularly on your lips will help remove nicotine stains that may already be present.

Remove nicotine stains from your lips by rubbing them with a fresh lemon wedge at least twice a day. Lemon can be used to remove nicotine stains from your fingers by rubbing them briskly with the juice; however, be more gentle with the delicate tissue of your lips. Do not apply with a heaving rubbing motion, simply apply a thin layer of lemon juice twice a day and the stain will slowly lighten.

Eat strawberries. Not only are strawberries delicious and nutritious, they are known to gently lighten skin and teeth. Often used in facial masks to reduce dark circles under the eyes, strawberries are not a fast and easy cure, but will make a difference over time. Strawberries are a great addition to your diet that will help lighten those nicotine stains on your lips and teeth.


Never use lemon to remove nicotine stains from your teeth, as the natural acids can damage your tooth enamel.