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It’s no big secret that smoking is bad for your health, but the habit can also wreak havoc on your fingernails; the nicotine from cigarettes and cigars can leave unsightly yellow stains on your tips. Try some natural home remedies to get rid of the discoloration, then kick the butts to the curb to keep your fingernails clean and white.


Put one aspirin tablet into a cup of warm water. Crush it up with the back-side of a spoon, then stir until the aspirin dissolves. Soak your nails in the solution, using your free hand to rub the mixture into your nails. Do this for about 5 minutes, then rinse and dry your hands; apply lotion to replenish moisture.


Slice the top off of a grapefruit and remove the pulp. Put your fingernails inside the grapefruit so they’re touching the rind. Move your nails gently along the rind for 5 minutes, then wash your hands well and apply moisturizer.

Lemon Juice

Fill a bowl with enough lemon juice to cover your fingernails. Again soak your nails for 5 minutes, then remove them and gently rub a pumice stone over each nail. Wash your hands thoroughly and apply lotion to your hands and nails for a soft and smooth finish.