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Removing ice from silicone ice trays is a quick process due to the flexible silicone material. Silicone ice trays are available in a variety of practical and artistic designs. The more detailed shapes take advantage of the materials ability to release frozen forms without breaking or sticking. Trays made of thinner silicone can even be turned inside out and peeled away from ice. Use your silicone ice cube tray to get uniform cubes that pop out with ease.

Run warm water quickly over both sides of the silicone ice cube tray. This will smooth out the surface and melt the outer layer of opaque frost.

Hold the tray upside down over an ice bucket and press on the back of each compartment with your thumbs.

Return to the running water to warm the silicone behind any cubes that continue to stick.

Cover the ice bucket with a lid when all the ice from the tray has been removed.


Spray an empty silicone ice cube tray with a thin coat of water and then freeze the layer into ice. This will create an extra non-stick barrier when freezing sugary syrups, ice cream or pudding for a frozen treat.


Silicone trays often claim to be dishwasher safe but tend to build up hard water and soap residue unless they are washed by hand.

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