Smudged eyelash dye on woman's eyelid

While eyelash dye can dramatically change your look, it can be messy and stain your skin. There are some easy remedies to remove dye from your skin if you have this problem. If you are looking for a nontoxic way to clean your skin safely without using chemicals, you can use common household items. Before you dye your eyelashes, you should put petroleum jelly around the delicate eye area to prevent stains, but if your skin stained anyway, you can simply use one of these methods to restore your natural glow.

Remove the Stain

Use a cotton ball soaked in distilled white vinegar to remove the dye from around your eyes. It should at least fade some of the color, if not remove it completely.

Wipe an eye makeup remover pad across your eyes to remove the last traces of dye. It has special chemicals that will usually dissolve even the strongest stain.

Wash your face with an exfoliant scrub, taking care not to scrub too hard on the delicate eye area. You can use baking soda and water or a commercial exfoliant facewash. Toothpaste may also work if it contains some mild abrasives.

See a cosmetologist if none of these methods works for you. If the dye has soaked in your skin overnight, you may need stronger chemicals to remove the stain completely. In the meantime, wear some concealer around your eyes.