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Construction foam is an adhesive foam that expands when certain chemicals are mixed and create a chemical reaction. Construction foam can be used to fill holes and gaps in or around a home such as under sinks, around foundations, in chimneys, and also in siding. The foam is very sticky and will stick to just about any material, some of which include drywall, galvanized steel, wood, masonry, plastic, and especially skin. Once expanding construction foam comes in contact with the skin it can be very difficult to remove and requires some persistence.

Wipe expanding construction spray off of the skin with a rag immediately after contact has occurred. Make sure to wipe the area thoroughly so that no foam is left on the skin whatsoever.

Pour a mild solvent, such as mineral spirit or acetone, on the area of skin affected by the construction foam. Wipe any uncured expanding construction foam from the skin using a dry rag.

Remove hardened expanding construction foam from the skin by using large amounts of water and soap persistently, such as by taking a long bath or shower while scrubbing the area repeatedly with soap.

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