legs image by Leticia Wilson from Fotolia.com

Many people shave their legs every day or every other day and know how to get the job done. The problem in shaving is that many people do not know the key to a smooth looking clean shave. Getting this perfect shave is the key to removing black dots from the hair follicles on your legs. With a few modifications to your shaving routine, you can eliminate black dots and have a clean looking and smooth shave.

Moisturize your legs daily. This moisturizing helps hair follicles grow through skin properly.

Moisten leg hair for two to three minutes before shaving. Keeping leg hair moist makes it more pliable which makes it easier to shave away from skin. Do not however soak the skin of your legs because this will cause the skin to swell up and the shave will not be as close.

Apply a shaving cream or gel with emollients. Avoid fragrant shaving products and those with menthol or mint as this could irritate your legs even more.

Use a fresh razor with a lubricating strip. An old razor does not cut the hairs away from the skin but yanks them out, causing minimal blood loss that causes the black dots in hair follicles after shaving. The razor should have several blades, three or four is sufficient. The more blades the razor has, the closer it will shave away hair.