How to Relieve Sunburn With Yogurt. Getting sunburned can be a painful way to spend your vacation. Luckily, a home remedy may alleviate your sunburn pain without much hassle. Simply reach into your refrigerator and pull a container of yogurt from the shelves to begin relieving your sunburn pain.

Get the coolest container of plain yogurt available from inside your refrigerator. Check the label to make sure that the yogurt contains live cultures.

Add a spoonful of pure, aloe gel to the yogurt. Incorporate the aloe gel into the yogurt with a spoon. The aloe adds an extra skin-soothing ingredient to the yogurt. Alternatively, you may make a mixture of half mashed strawberries and half yogurt.

Spread the yogurt onto your skin using your fingers or a spoon. Add thick layers to the affected skin so that the yogurt covers the entire area of the sunburn.

Wait 20 minutes while the yogurt soothes your skin, warms and dries.

Wipe away the yogurt mixture as soon as it warms or dries on your skin.

Reapply another layer of yogurt if the pain persists. Repeat the process until you have used the entire container of yogurt and the pain subsides.

Rinse the last of the yogurt mixture off your skin in the shower. Use cool water to minimize pain.


If your sunburn is contained to one area, consider soaking a small cloth in the yogurt mixture and using the cloth as a compress against your skin.


Don't use the yogurt mixture near the eyes.