How to Relieve Sinusitis By Targeting Sinus Pressure Points

By LeafTV Contributor

Sinus pressure points are areas on the skin that are sensitive to bio electric impulses and readily conduct these impulses. These points are considered pathways that carry human energy according to traditional eastern medicinal knowledge and practices. There appear to be five sinus clearing points that may prevent sinus pressure and help the immune system. Utilizing these sinus pressure points during a sinus headache may relieve some of the symptoms caused by sinus pressure.

Step 1

Use the tips of your two index fingers and apply firm pressure on each side of your nostrils. Place your fingers approximately at a 90°angle in relation to your face. The pressure should last between four and five minutes. If correctly used, this sinus pressure point will start to drain the sinuses in a few minutes and relieve congestion and pressure.

Step 2

Feel the indentation of the inner eye socket where the bridge of your nose meets the ridge of your eyebrows. Apply pressure on both eye sockets at the same time with the tip of the thumbs for several minutes. These two sinus pressure points can be worked one right after the other. If properly used, they should bring relief from pressure and congestion in a short period of time.

Step 3

Massage your earlobes ten times each. According to ancient Chinese acupuncture practices, this is considered another important sinus pressure point. It is recommended that you lie down when you perform this massage.

Step 4

Press downward on the skin on your cheek just outside of each nostril. By doing this, you will be putting pressure just below the sinus areas which will allow some movement of the contents in your cavities. Use your index finger and press down and make half-circles from that spot to the lower region of your nose. Perform these half-circles at least ten times.

Step 5

Repeat each step once you have finished the routine. By keeping the fluid in your sinuses moving, you're allowing for some of that pressure associated with sinus headaches to be relieved. If your problems persist, you should contact your physician who will issue you some prescription medication.