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Some natural healing practitioners say stressed-out facial muscles can go hand in hand with headaches, sleeplessness and sinus problems. You can try some simple techniques at home to relax facial muscles without taking drastic measures, such as plastic surgery or injecting toxic substances into your skin.

Try a face cream that contains ylang ylang essential oil. Not only does it have a beautiful floral smell and a calming effect, but it helps relax facial muscles. If your face cream doesn't have ylang ylang in it, you can add a few drops to the container of cream and mix it in. Be sure to keep it away from your eyes.

Drink some chamomile tea, a powerful antispasmodic that helps relax not only your mind but also your muscles. Some spas serve chamomile tea to their clients to help relax their facial muscles.

Release tension with facial massage. Try massaging pressure points around the eyes, nose and forehead. Stimulating these areas by facial massage helps release tension and improve muscle and skin tone. Facial massage also improves microcirculation and helps stimulate the production of collagen. Massaging your scalp will help relax your facial muscles as well. Try hand, foot and whole-body massages while you're at it.

Practice yoga regularly. You will learn to keep your face calm and relaxed even when you feel stressed by physical exertion or intense emotions. Once it becomes a habit in a yoga class, it is much easier to make it a habit outside the yoga class as well. Restorative yoga helps you to deeply relax, and when you are deeply relaxed, the tension in your muscles relaxes. If you consciously try to relax the muscles throughout your body, including your face, it will be even more effective.

Try using facial patches while you sleep. Plaster these onto your forehead, the area between your eyebrows, the outer corners of your eyes and around the mouth. Having them there makes it hard to scrunch your face up, and helps train those muscles not to contract. Many companies have versions of such patches.


Just like a body massage, a facial massage should not be done on a full stomach.

Facial and eye massage can also help improve vision problems due to eyestrain.