How to Reheat Creamed Spinach

By Corey M. Mackenzie

Creamed spinach may contain other vegetables and spices to personal preference, but it will always contain cream or sour cream. Whether the creamed spinach is homemade or brought home from a deli, you'll need to take care when reheating it to keep the consistency as smooth and delicious as the first time it was cooked. Dishes that are creamed have a greater risk of scorching if cooked too quickly on heat that is too high.

Reheating creamed spinach should be done with care to prevent scorching.

Stove Method

Step 1

Place the creamed spinach into a sauce pan. Place the pan on a stove burner.

Step 2

Turn your stove burner to a low heat setting if you're using an electric stove, or turn it to a low flame if you're using a gas stove. Using heat that is too high can lead to scorching the spinach.

Step 3

Stir the creamed spinach as it warms. If lumps form from the cream sauce, use a whisk to smooth it out.

Step 4

When steam begins to rise from the creamed spinach, place a food thermometer in it. If it has reached 165 degrees it is safe to serve and eat. If it has not yet reached this temperature, keep cooking it on low heat until it does.

Microwave Method

Step 5

Place the creamed spinach in a microwave-safe container.

Step 6

Cook it on medium heat for one minute, if the amount of creamed spinach leftovers is at least 1 cup. If it is less than that, cook initially for only 30 seconds.

Step 7

Turn off the microwave. Stir the creamed spinach with a spoon or whisk. If steam is already rising from the dish, take the temperature of it with a food thermometer; otherwise, put it back in the microwave and cook it for another minute before stirring again.

Step 8

Continue cooking it at one minute intervals until you are able to get a 165 degree reading when inserting the food thermometer into the center of the creamed spinach.