Many people store bread in the refrigerator or freezer to retard mold and spoilage, but cold bread is hardy appetizing. Find out how to reheat cold bread without drying it out.

Things You'll Need

Layer several paper towels on a microwave-safe plate.

Place a small bowl with 1/4 cup of water in the center of the plate.

Place the bread on the paper towels in a single layer around the bowl. It is important not to stack the pieces of bread on top of each other. Do not reheat more than four pieces of bread at a time.

Using a low power setting, microwave the bread for 20 seconds for frozen bread. For bread that has been refrigerated, limit the time to 10 seconds.

Check the bread. If it is not warm enough, continue microwaving in 5 second increments.


  • Microwave power settings vary, so be watchful.

  • For best results, stop your microwave halfway through the heating cycle and turn the bread over.

  • Do not attempt to heat more than four pieces of bread at a time. The fewer pieces, the better the result.