Stretch marks occur because of rapid growth. They often occur as a result of weight gain, growth spurts or muscle growth. Men can get stretch marks anywhere on their body, but they are most common on the legs, buttocks, chest, upper arms, back and shoulders. Thankfully, there are various treatments available to reduce the appearance of male stretch marks. It is important to be diligent in your treatment plan as it sometimes takes a while to get rid of male stretch marks.

Apply cocoa or shea butter to the stretch marks. These natural butters are highly hydrating and deeply penetrate the skin. Since stretch marks are more apparent on dry skin, your stretch marks will be less noticeable after regular application.

Massage your stretch marks. Apply firm pressure and use circular motions to rub your stretch marks twice daily, for at least 90 seconds. Massage helps to break up scar tissue. It also encourages circulation so that essential nutrients can reach the area more easily, aiding the healing process.

Get laser treatment. Laser light is highly effective at treating stretch marks. The laser burns away the top layers of skin, revealing younger, less damaged skin below. It also breaks up scar tissue and increases collagen production so that your skin will look firmer and more even in tone. With repeated sessions, your stretch marks can be completely removed.

Rub scar treatment cream on your stretch marks twice daily. Since stretch marks are scars, such creams are effective at gradually fading the marks. Most scar treatment creams contain onion extract which works to fade scars. You can find scar treatment creams at most drug stores.

Use bleaching cream on your stretch marks. Bleaching creams work best on fresh stretch marks, when they are still dark or red. The cream will lighten the marks so they better blend in with the surrounding skin. Over-the-counter bleaching creams are available at most cosmetic and drug stores. You can also obtain prescription-strength bleaching cream via a doctor's prescription.

Consider chemical peels. A skincare professional will apply chemicals that react with the top layers of your skin, burning them away. After your skin heals, it will look younger and smoother, and your stretch marks will be less noticeable. Often, a series of peels are necessary to achieve desired results.


  • Get daily exercise. This increases circulation which aids the skin's recovery process.