How to Recycle Used Crocs

By Jan Goldfield

Crocs are shoes that look like plastic sandals with holes in them. They come in every possible color and many consider them to be the most comfortable shoes ever. People now wear them for work in the garden, for trips to the mall or attending a casual event. Crocs have taken the shoe world by storm but what do you do with a pair of worn out crocs? Don't just throw them away; see how you can recycle old Crocs.

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Step 1

Wear crocs until the the tread is gone or until you just have too many, but need another color.

Step 2

Donate your worn out shoes at participating retail stores. Those stores will have an "authorized collection center" sticker on the window near the entrance.

Step 3

Mail your worn out crocs to SolesUnited if you do not have a retailer near you (see Resources). SolesUnited sorts your old shoes, grinds them up and makes them into new shoes. Non profit organizations throughout the world receive those shoes and donate them to those who need them. Over 1 million pairs of shoes have been recycled and donated to those in need so far.

Step 4

See where your donations go. Although you cannot track your individual shoes, recycled shoes are going to Armenia, Cambodia, Chad, Darfur, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Malawi, Mali, Moldova, Philippines, Romania, Swaziland, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. As the operation grows, the number of countries receiving the donated shoes will increase.