Digital Breath Alcohol Tester

An alcohol analyzer test, better known as a breathalyzer, tests how much alcohol is in the blood stream. The body is made up of mostly water; when you consume alcohol it filters into your body and registers differently on a standard alcohol analyzer test. Most breathalyzer products are digital and the final reading of the test is displayed directly onto the side of the device.

Affix a new breathing tube to the front of the alcohol analyzer tester. These are small disposable pieces of tubing that connect to the device. Once used, the tubes can be discarded.

Power on the alcohol analyzer test device. Wait for the digital display screen to warm up and blink on.

Have an individual who has been drinking blow into the tubing. You want a complete blow, as if the person is trying to whistle.

Allow the digital display to test the air being blown through the device. The device is going to take a few moments before an actual number is displayed.

Look at the number. There is going to be a decimal point with two numbers listed. This is the percent of alcohol there is to the amount of water in your body. In many states, .08 (or 8 percent) is the legal limit. As the number increases, so does the amount of alcohol in the body (.10 equals 10 percent alcohol, .15 equals 15 percent, etc.).