For any busy individual, cooking can become a time consuming chore. Having the options to quickly prepare and serve a meal for yourself or a family can help make cooking frozen hamburger patties or any other entree easier. So instead of heating up and cleaning the outdoor grill, follow these steps to quickly cook frozen hamburger patties!

Take the frozen hamburger patties out of the freezer. Don't worry about taking time to defrost them for a few hours or in the microwave. Frozen patties will cook just fine without having to take that step.

Heat up the item you plan to use for cooking the hamburgers. The best appliance I found for frozen hamburger patties is the George Foreman Grill and a Cuisinart Griddler Express (or anything similar to them). If you don't have something similar, heat up a frying pan on medium/medium-low.

Place the frozen hamburgers on the grill or in the pan. Flip them after a few minutes and season them while their cooking with spices of your choice.

Remove the patties once the juice runs clear or when the hamburgers are cooked to your preference. Serve them on hamburger rolls with a side of your choice (such as potato salad, green salad, potato wedges). Depending on the size of your frozen hamburger patties, this will only take you 10-15 minutes to prepare and serve!


Some suggest that frozen hamburger patties lose some flavor compared to fresh ground beef. I personally haven't found much of a difference between the two.